Travelling in the First Person. A Story about the world, ad personam

Sabato 10 giugno 2017 ore 18.30

Stories and travel diaries by writers Martino Baldi, Athos Bigongiali, Bruno Casini and Paolo Ciampi.

Curated by the Festival del Viaggio 2017, 12th edition – Livorno, Florence, Prato


Step in to the Museo Novecento courtyard. Choose a writer, and follow him. He will tell you about his most incredible trip. For your ears only.

A never-before-tasted literary first fruit. The project, adapted from the ‘living books’ in which the reader selects a writer and hears as story from his lips, recounted face-to-face, proposes travel in place of the story. One of our writers will be at the reader/spectator’s exclusive disposition, to entangle him in the spell of a viva voce story.

With writers

Martino Baldi, Athos Bigongiali, Bruno Casini, Paolo Ciampi, Guia Rossignoli, Andrea Ulivi.

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Free admission on a first come, first served basis. Admission to the museum is not included.

An event on the Estate Fiorentina 2017 programme.