Mercoledì 28 giugno 2017 ore 17.30

Presentation of the volume by Angela Vettese. The author will be in attendance.

A unicum that never ceases to move, that arouses feelings of love, excitement, happiness – but also disgust and boredom. In her muteness, is Venice, deserted by her inhabitants and invaded by mass tourism, really condemned to a slow death? To tell the truth, what most surprises today is the city’s vitality, its capacity to reinvent itself, ingeniously, experimentally. Whether the subject is the restoration of the Teatrino of Palazzo Grassi by TadaoAndō, or of the Arsenale, or of the Torre Massimiana on the island of Sant’Erasmo – or the thrumming network of old and new cultural institutions that construct real and figurative ties among all its parts – Venice is, every day, the substrate for novel productive ebbs and flows commingling with the world tides of art and knowledge. It is here, in this culture of the contemporary, that lies the key that will project the city into the future.

The presentation of Angela Vettese’s book, which calls into question the fates of all the art cities and their options for propelling themselves futureward, will provide a stimulus for reflection on the role of the contemporary in Florence, with a debate among protagonists on the city’s cultural scene and people working in various roles throughout the city territory.

Angela Vettese coordinates the Master’s course in Visual Arts at the IUAV University of Venice. She collaborates with Il Sole-24 Ore. She is a past City of Venice Councillor for Cultural Affairs and Tourism Development. Since 2016 she has directed Arte Fiera in Bologna. Of note among her publications, Si fa con tutto (Laterza, 2012) and L’arte contemporanea (Il Mulino, 2012).