Un Secolo Fiorentino e Tempi di Uccidere

Mercoledì 26 ottobre, ore 17.30

Wednesday October, 26th, 5.30 p.m.

Un Secolo Fiorentino e Tempi di Uccidere

The author, Marino Biondi, will talk with Andrea Pellegrini. Moderator: Michele Rossi.

Un secolo fiorentino. Politica e cultura dalle riviste degli intellettuali all’ascesa di Matteo Renzi is the Marino Biondi’s tribute to his adoption city, Florence, that he analyzes both from the inside and from the outside.
Biondi’s huge work is characterized by the ample range of the issues that he takes into consideration: the periodicals, the correspondences, the private chronicles, the literature, the coeval poetry and narrative; the economy and the politics, the religion and the unusual ways of living the ecclesiastical life; the avant-garde movements in comparison with the more institutionalized literature groups; the fascism and the postwar democracy, passing through the homeland histories about Risorgimento and Italian Kingdom Capital, till the current “Renzismo”, which Biondi reads as a rising phenomenon characterized by the political/media individualistic attitude.

Free access to the lecture, while seats last. The entrance does not include the access to the museum.