The Time Design Bureau


Presentation of the workshop with Albert Mayr to figure out how to manage our daily time in a creative way, meetings from March 24th to April 17th

Modern-day aesthetics is an essential element of our contemporary civilization. Crafted items and constructed spaces are the result of an elaborated model of work design. However, the everyday time is a fundamental dimension of our daily life often overlooked. “We usually think about time as an enemy because more often the perception of time comes to our mind in unpleasant situations such as urgent deadlines to comply with, lengthening wait times, undesirable interruptions…We have forgotten how to appreciate this kind of situations. However, we could benefit from these moments if we start to think that things happen when they have to happen. We do not consider our daily time as something that deserve a creative approach. Time Design is a discipline which intends to show that it is possible to combine functional and formal requirements. Indeed, for any activity, a personalized and adapted time frame can be more productive than just taking into consideration performance-based factors.”

The Time Design Bureau inspired by Bureau of Imaginary Exchange inaugurated by the artist Paul Woodrow in Calgary in 1977, and by ART/LIFE COUNSELING practiced by Linda Montano in the Eighties at the New Museum of New York. From March 24th to April 17th, the Novecento Museum will provide a special space on the ground floor for the public to meet the artist. These meetings will be the opportunity to rethink about conflicting aspects in our relation with time in our daily life. Will be discussed topics such as possible time negotiation in the workplace, with family and friends in order to better understand our needs and preferences.

Meetings will take place on March 24th, 27th, 31st and April 3rd, 7th, 10th, 14th 17th from 4.30 to 6pm.

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