Mercoledì 11 maggio ore 17.30

Wednesday, May 11, 5:30 p.m.


Silvio Pucci inedito

Loredana Gallo meets Emanuele Greco, on the occasion of the temporary and extraordinary display of a painting by the artist.

Born in 1892 in Pistoia, Silvio Pucci has his debut in 1922 at Fiorentina Primaverile, being mentioned in the catalogue as a painter belonging to the city’s “young avant-garde movement”. Among the artists participating at the end of the twenties in the Tuscan Novecento group led by Raffaello Franchi, Pucci realized landscapes, still lifes and genre scenes often taken from domestic and simple life. The lecture is an occasion to shed new light on his youth production, that participates in the climate of going back to order. The temporary and exceptional display of Scena di ambiente rusticano in Toscana (1924), a big painting that has been recently restored, offers the possibility to study from a close perspective the technique and style by Pucci and to reconsider his activity within the local and national artistic context between the two wars.

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