Gaetano Pesce’s Portray

Venerdì 16 dicembre, ore 18.00

Wednesday December 16 at 6pm
Gaetano Pesce’s Portray

According to his different shapes and diversity of his cosmos, architectures and silhouettes, Gaetano Pesce has become one of the few genuine interpreters of contemporary life and its lacks. The gallery – exploited by his imagination – is an hymn against routine and balance and a call to support new realities’ invention. This is his irregular portrait as a result of his joie de vivre and creating.
On the occasion of the current exhibition GAETANO PESCE, MAESTÀ TRADITA. 1956-2016 which will be open until February 8, 2017, the documentary Gaetano Pesce’s Portray by Giuseppe Carrieri produced by Sky, will be presented at Museo Novecento. An exhibition tour will follow the showing.

The ticket does not include the access to the museum.