Nuovo teatro made in Italy 1963-2013

20 gennaio 2016

Thursday, January 20, 5.30 p.m.


Laura Caretti, Cesare Molinari and Giuliano Scabia will have a conversation with Valentina Valentini, the curator of the volume.

The volume Nuovo Teatro made in Italy, by Valentina Valentini, is made up of five historical essays aiming at focusing the most significant events linked to an important artistic phenomenon covering the period between 1963 and 2013. A phenomenon that deeply changed the theory and practice of theater in Italy, matching the coeval European and American experiences. The book reads the theatrical experience in connection with the other arts, recreating the web of relations that turned the theater into a crossroads allowing to read the entire history of the second half of the twentieth century: its social aspects, the ideologies, the currents, customs, esthetics. The three thematic chapters (dedicated to the composition modes of the New theater, to the space and phenomenology of acting) are intertwined and studied through the analyses carried out by Anna Barsotti, Cristina Grazioli and Donatella Orecchia: these explore the popular mold of the actor’s training in the New Theater; the peculiarity of the Italian actor-author; the use of lighting for its dynamic potential in a spectacular event. The web site, collecting and offering a selected choice of documents on some of the protagonists and most significant shows of Italian theater between 1963 and 2013, is linked to the volume. The web site, allowing a deeper appreciation of the themes of the book, is easily accessible, rigorous in its scientific contents and bound to be enhanced in time. The book is edited by Bulzoni. Free entrance while seats last.