Neoavanguardia and counterculture in Florence

17 maggio ore 17.00

The Radical movement and the protagonists of an international historical change
Alessandro Mendini will present the book by Patrizia Mello
The author will be present.

For about a decade, monographic studies have been made of individual groups of Florentine radical avant-garde movements, based on a plan to recover an experience that has marked the history of contemporary architecture and design but which has not been sufficiently investigated.

In this new book the author traces a line of research which aims to contextualize the work of Florentine Radical architects – known for their utopian visions and public incursions – within a more articulated change that concerns primarily other disciplines and which in Florence would have above all a ”situationist” matrix.

An analysis of the relationships between the utopian visions developed by the radicals and the Florentine and international artistic and cultural context of those years explains the reasons for the birth of a neoavanguardia movement in Florence, historical city par excellence.

The analysis concerns individual groups (Archizoom, Superstudio, UFO, 9999) and personages such as Pet­tena and Buti, who for the first time are analysed together and compared for their various contributions.
In a sequence of events which sees the involvement of important personalities from the field of art to that of design, music and literature, beginning with the foundation of MIBI (International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus) in 1953, passing through various historical editions of the Triennale down to the MoMA exhibition of 1972, the book analyses and evaluates an international historical change which arrives at the present day and which has a moment of fertile decantation precisely in Florence in the ‘sixties, with the setup, in the Faculty of Architecture, of the first groups of radical architects who held in check many of the Modern Movement theories, anticipating by a few decades the status quo of our cities.

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