Mercoledì 30 marzo ore 17.30

The artist in conversation with David Palterer

In collaboration with the review Materia Prima, introduction by Marco Tonelli and Valentina Gensini.

Present in the collection with his installation Two in One, starting from the seventies’ Marco Bagnoli developed an artistic practice involving different materials and media, such as painting, sculpture, drawing and installations. His works originated from deep mathematical, spiritual and philosophical knowledge ranging from the West to the East, leading him to search for a possible synthesis uniting esthetical data, scientific formulations and spiritual tension. The paradox he moves from and tends to is that of retracing, through pseudo-scientific demonstrations, the great themes of philosophy, especially the eastern ones. A path that can also move backwards, because in Bagnoli mystic and theosophy can result in a demonstrable theorem, maybe in the definitive preciseness of a math formula. The artist, conversing with the critic Giuliano Serafini, will go over his work starting from the ceramic pieces.

Admittance is free while seats last and does not include the access to the museum.