LWCIRCUS OPERATIVE WORKSHOP | Landscape Design Methods based on Social Practices

25 settembre

Shared practices strategies for natural areas preservation+cultural landscape valorization

Open  lectures by:

Lorenzo BRUSCI | Musst | Berlin


Karin HELMS | ENSP | Versailles

Perry LETHLEAN | RMIT – T.C.L. | Melbourne – Adelaide

Christiane SFEIR | MAPE – LU + LWC-MENA | Beirut

curated by:  Annacaterina PIRAS + Chiara de’ ROSSI| LWC-IT

Picture by Alberto COLLET | LWC-IRSA | Barcelona

Organization by LWCircus.org

The Series of Open Lectures is curated by the LWCircus.org inside the shared-operative workshop LWCircus-ArnoLab017 | 21st – 30th of September.

The Operative Workshop is conceived to create Ephemeral Installations, as light urban furniture, staging points, temporary shelters, realized on site by the revisitation and assembling of recycled natural material transported by the changing Arno River’s moods. A temporary international, multicultural and multidisciplinary creative community will test shared practices by using multimedia languages, artistic approaches and performative-spontaneous attitudes in the specific urban context, with the direct involvement of local actors and public institutions responsible for the river’s management and safeguard, looking for a RESILIENT and INCLUSIVE urban future, in terms of responsible cultural valorization and sustainable development for the local community and the diverse minorities directly involved in each step of the operative shared process.


LWCircus.org was founded in 2016. It is a non-profit multi-national organisation based between Florence, Rome, Mexico City and Beirut. The organisation has embraced a worldwide network of practitioners, researchers and artists supporting the LWCircus Program. The workshop new formula is strictly operative and performance-based, strongly shared and multinational, between Mediterranean, Mexico and MENA Countries, created in collaboration with some International Universities and other Cultural Institutions. The programis focused on experimental methodologies and strategies based on social practices on the field, to enhance sensitive areas and redesign contemporary rural and urban landscape under transition in terms of environmental, social and economic aspects. LWCircuslooks for alternative tools and devices to activate sustainable development and responsible action through operative shared workshops, through the direct involvement of local communities, minorities and well known international practitioners. The outcomes aim to help result in integration, cultural and economic development for local inhabitants and minorities involved.

Free access to the lecture, while seats last. The entrance does not include the access to the museum. Monday 25th of september, 5.00pm.