Mario Mariani, Writer. An ‘Uncomfortable’ Early 20th-Century Intellectual

Venerdì 15 dicembre ore 17.30

Presentation by Andrea Pellegrini
Introduction by Michele Rossi

Mario Mariani, born in 1884 in Solarolo, in the Romagna region, lived most of his life in Milan. From the very start, criticism deemed his work hasty pornography in a minor imitation of the style of D’Annunzio, but Mariani was never overly concerned by such disdain. He worked at the editorial offices of Il Messaggero and founded his own periodical, Novella, at the start a literary review and still alive today as Novella 2000. Pornographic story-teller, sociological novelist, amoral flâneur or thinker ahead of his time? Mariani was indeed a free thinker, a great scholar of philosophy and above all an unconditional anti-fascist (and forced, for this reason, into exile and to escape abroad during the most difficult period of our history).

He died in SãoPaulo, Brazil, in 1951 and was soon forgotten. He left us more than 25 works including novels, short stories and essays, among which La casa dell’uomo (1915), Il ritorno di Machiavelli (1916), Sott’ la naja (1917), Le adolescenti (1920), Le meditazioni di un pazzo (1922), Saette ne l’abisso (1924), L’equilibrio degli egoismi (1924).

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