Liliana Poli. Wonderful life

Mercoledì 29 marzo ore 17.30

Wednesday, March 29 – 5.30pm

Speakers: Ennio Bazzoni, Elisabetta Benvenuti, Daniele Lombardi, Cesare Orselli, Mario Sperenzi

The book presentation is accompanied by original videos, music and live performances. On the occasion of the publication of her autobiography edited by Nardini Editore, Museo Novecento remembers the famous singer Liliana Poli, who suddenly died last year. As a great voice of a greater music intelligence, the artist was protagonists of one of the first historical performances documented by numerous recordings that the internet made easier to find nowadays. The adjective that better describes her is “versatile”: listening to its interpretations, it is possible to catch an operatic imposition, the most efficiently traditional, ranging from the 20th century music to unique emissions in a kaleidoscope of sounds of prodigious technique.

Free entrance while seats last. The ticket does not include access to the museum.