Design Classes

11 maggio e 8 giugno 2015

How did our most personal space – our home – change during the 20th century ? How did the way of life inside our home change ? From D’annunzio’s mania for refurnishing rented properties according to his own tastes to the global success of Ikea, the 4th edition of “Design classes” will focus on “Housing culture”.

Lectures will host art historians such as Caludio Paolini and Mirella Branca, specialists in design history such as Vanni Pasca, the chairman of AisDesign and Anna Chiara Cimoli of Politecnico di Milano, relevant figures such as Giampiero Bosoni and Paolo Deganello. To conclude the 4th edition of “Design classes”, Domitilla Dardi, Sergio Givone, Francesca Molteni, Puccio Duni, David Palterer will participate to the final workshop.
The 2015 series of meeting will be held in three prestigious places : Museo Horne, Museo Novecento and Palazzina Reale.

DESIGN CLASSES – The 4th edition of “Design classes” will start on May 8th, 2015. Isia of Florence and Selfhabitat (furniture shop and interior design studio in viale de Amicis) came up with the idea which then evolved to become a can’t-miss meeting for those passionates about design, students, designers and architects from all around the world. The event will take place in a city which hosts several design schools but also acts as a major player in the design field. What makes the event so special is the way it deals with highly discussed issues, arousing a keen public interest.

Since the first edition, “Design classes” have drawn major attention onto the city of Florence attracting famous designers, distinguished professors and important voices in the interior design field. This event gives the opportunity to talk about the past, the present and the future of Italian design. The past series of meetings has also made Florence the perfect place for exhibitions such as the one dedicated to Charles and Ray Eames in the ex-tribunal of San Firenze in June 2013 and the other one hosted in Le Murate – Progetti Arte Contemporanea showing the work of the non-conformist architect, Charlotte Perriand, in June 2014.

THE 2015 TOPIC – The first edition of “Design classes” was dedicated to the “Design History”, the 2013 edition addressed the question of “Design : the impact of new technologies” and last year’s meetings focused on “Design and art”. Major changes in  interior design practice during the 20th century will be at the center of the attention this year. Architecture and home furnishings which have transformed our homes are among the issues that will be addressed for the 2015 Edition of “Design classes”. The idea is to make people think about how globalization and new technologies are currently changing the way we perceive the most private space we have  – our home – on a worldwide basis.

“From the end of the 19th century, architecture uses news materials (iron, then reinforced concrete) which changed the organization of our homes” – explained Vanni Pasca of AisDesign, meeting coordinator for the “Design Classes”. The enfilade of the 18th/19th century, which provided a vista through an entire suite of rooms, gave way to exterior corridors and rooms overlooking interior courtyards such as the Schinkel Pavillion in Berlin and the Viennese buildings facing out the Ring, to end up with the residential cells in Germany’s workers districts during the twenties and Le Corbusier’s immeuble-villa proposal.

“The transformation does not only imply a change in home furnishings but also in our perception of private interior spaces.” Previously, there was a clear tendency for “overcrowded and cluttered interior design” in which furniture and ornaments would invade the home” – added Vanni Pasca. Then a new trend pushed through the idea of “minimalist interior design” in compliance with rationalism, featuring “rooms with large openings spaces and metallic furniture. The idea is not to obstruct the space allowing airflow and natural light go through but also make it pleasant to look at”.

“Design classes” is an initiative organized by SelfhabitatCultura, A/I/S/Design and ISIA Firenze in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence, Museo 900, MUS.E, Museo Horne, ADI Toscana, Fondazione Architetti Firenze and Ordine degli Architetti Firenze. “Design classes” are free of charge, except for members of the Ordine degli Architetti who wish to get course credits.


May, 11th 2015 (6pm) at the Museo Novecento (piazza Santa Maria Novella 10, Florence)

The discussion will address The modernity in progress. Vanni Pasca will start the meeting with the transformation in the way of designing houses from Loos to Le Corbusier. Anna Chiara Cimoli will talk about the Bahaus and the two artistic movements De Stijl and New Objectivity.

June, 8th 2015 (6pm) at Museo Novecento (piazza Santa Maria Novella 10, Florence)

The 3rd design class will focus on Italy and interior design. Giampiero Bosoni will talk about important voices in terms of Italian design. Paolo Deganello will address the question of interior spaces and anti-design.