18 luglio ore 21.30

Thursday, June 30th, 9.00 p.m.
The eco of a shot

Reading-concert by Massimo Zamboni.

With Massimo Zamboni, electric and acustic guitar, voice; Cristiano Roversi, stick bass, bass and synths, base; Emanuele Reverberi, violin, sax.

A painful story, kept buried for a long time, is narrated by Massimo Zamboni in the book L’eco di uno sparo (Einaudi, Super Coralli, 2015). The narration, moving backwards and forwards in time, retraces the story of granpa Ulysses, a fascist member died in February, 1944. His story gets interwoven with that of the homicide, 17 years later, of the partisan who had killed him in a sneak attack, a victim of the hatred of a comrade who had helped him kill Ulysses. In the volume, awarded with the Premio Manzoni al Romanzo Storico 2015 and the Premio Letterario “Della Resistenza” Omegna 2015, the Emilia region – a peasant land, with a socialist utopia and healthy cows – shouts out. And the echo of shots accompanies Massimo Zamboni in his inquiry. The word, written and acted, is combined with a musical part, focusing on pieces belonging to the repertoire of Zamboni himself, selected in accordance with the subjects treated in the event.

Massimo Zamboni, born in Reggio Emilia in 1957, is a guitarist, a composer and writer. The founder of the Italian punk rock group CCCP (1981-1990), was later a member of the CSI – Consorzio Suonatori Indipendenti (1991-1999).

Free admittance while seats last, the access to the museum is not included.

* Included in the program Estate Fiorentina 2016.