18 aprile ore 17.30

For Milo De Angelis with Antonio Prete and Luigi Tassoni. With the participation of Elisa Biagini

Readings by the Scuola di Poesia di “Semicerchio”. Milo De Angelis, connected with Florence thanks to his relationship with Pietro Bigongiari, is unanimously recognized by the critics as the greatest Italian poet of his generation. In 2016 we are to celebrate together his 65 years and 40 years from the release of Somiglianze, his debut collection, “one of the books inaugurating a poetical season” (Maurizio Cucchi), a miracle of precocious maturity that made Andrea Cortellessa write: “De Angelis was born like Athena from the head of Jupiter, already an adult and armed”. On such occasion, some of the most significant interpreters of his poetry, as Antonio Prete (Univ. di Siena) and Luigi Tassoni (Univ. di Pècs) introduce his last collection Incontri e agguati (Lo Specchio Mondadori, 2015), accompanied by the Florentine poetess Elisa Biagini and by the students of “Semicerchio” poetry workshop that in 2015 was led by De Angelis himself.