In absence. Notes on contemporary self-portraits

3 maggio ore 17.30

Presentation of the book edited by Laura Vecere

Speakers: Carlo Sisi and Franco Speroni

The author will be present.

In the contemporary world, self-portraits, a genre which has always been practised in artistic language, put the physiognomic resemblance archetype aside while maintaining the author’s “presence” in the work, revealing it through clues and indications which show the artist’s work from a more “withdrawn” plane as opposed to that of the immediate appearance of the visible. Today self-portraits are created in constellations of ways which are often difficult to inter-relate.

Delving deeper into the work of a group of artists, from the ‘sixties to the present day (Robert Morris, Luciano Fabro, Bruce Nauman, Giulio Paolini, Jan Vercruysse, Renato Ranaldi, Cindy Sherman, Daniela De Lorenzo, Gillian Wearing e Mark Wallinger), the book discovers a common thread for the radical renewal of this subject in the special relationship that each artist sets up with great tradition. A bond based on assimilation of the metamorphic processes which have always determined the work of artists. Practices, technology and languages change as does the way in which the artist sees himself as a subject-object of reflection, above all after the dissolution of representation widely consumed over the last two centuries.

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