The totemic landscape between real and imaginary

24 maggio ore 17.30

Presentation of the book by Alessandra Scappini

Speakers: Federico Fastelli, Alessandro Nigro, Ernestina Pellegrini and Corrado Premuda

The author will be present.

This study traces the creative path of five artists-authors, Leonora Carrington, Leonor Fini, Kay Sage, Dorothea Tanning, Remedios Varo, who approached the surrealist avant-garde entourage in the late 1930’s in an endeavour to investigate a series of common themes to set up a comparison and open a series of links, as in a hypertext, for a critical reflection on their experiences of life and research. In the various chapters questions and case studies are proposed on paths aimed at self-construction in relation to their identities as women and artists in itinerere, but primarily as persons who have left their mark on twentieth century artistic history, nurturing, aside from the suggestions drawn from coeval creative experiences, fertile ground for the avant-garde movements. They are characterised by the complexity of an imaginary landscape that resorts to archetypal and totemic symbology, to organic metamorphism, to clairvoyance as explorer heroines, to an alchemic process for renewing themselves and expressing their feminine potential, like energy for change, the natura naturans of being a woman, humour noir as the ironic vision of a composite world that dominates in their works made up of a melting pot of elements that testify to their cultural nomadism, distinguishing them as important personalities who have undertaken their experimentation autonomously and with originality in the historical and cultural context of their time.