Venerdì 21 luglio ore 20.30

Orchestra Nazionale Jazz Giovani Talenti dei Conservatori Italiani

Pino Jodice: Conductor and Arranger




Ennio Morricone

Death Theme’ from The Untouchables

Le Clan des Siciliens

Deborah’s Theme’ from Once Upon a Time in America

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

The Mission

Nino Rota

La Passerella di Addio’ from



John Williams

Catch MeStar WarsSuperman

The beginning of cinema with synchronised recorded sound (the ‘Talkies’ or sound film) on a large scale dates to 1929 and coincides with the Wall Street financial crisis. In the years that followed, the majority of the clubs closed and many musicians (a great number of whom were African-American) were forced to find work elsewhere. Of those early years of sound film there remain a few independent shorts shot on a shoestring and interpreted by all-black casts. Among these, Black and Tan, featuring Duke Ellington and his orchestra, and St. Louis Blues, both from 1929.

From then through today, great musicians and composers have made invaluable contributions to international cinema; one outstanding example is Ellington’s score for Anatomy of a Murder, played by his orchestra.

In the setting of the Museo Novecento, with the Orchestra Nazionale Jazz Giovani Talenti dei Conservatori Italiani project, Pino Jodice proposes a jazz revisitation of several soundtracks by two fabulous Italian composers, masters of great international cinema (La dolce vita and Amarcord by Nino Rota and The Untouchables, The Mission, Le Clan des Siciliens, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Metti una sera a cena and others by Ennio Morricone), as well as several pieces by the great John Williams for such films as Catch Me, Star Wars and Superman.