The artist’s secrets

Ottobre-Novembre 2014

The Museum’s researchers and conservators will describe the research done on the civic collection artworks. They will disclose the stages by which they discovered new elements about the works. Both the historical analysis and the restoration  are a conservative necessity and an unavoidable tool of study for the understanding of the artworks’ history. Curated by Valentina Gensini.

  • Wednesday 29th October 5.30pm  Davide Lacagnina -The case of Pirandello: the time of history, the time of art
    With the extraordinary exhibition of the work I tondi, by Fausto Pirandello.
    The lecture is dedicated to the painting “I tondi” by Fausto Pirandello, donated by the artist to the Municipality of Florence in 1967. Even if the work was usually dated to the training period the artist spent in Paris between the Twenties and Thirties, the research conducted on the occasion of the Museum setting shed new light on its true dating. The artwork is indeed a remake of the second half of 20th century. It is a return to a theme important for the artist, of which other examples, also with variations, exist. It seems to be an attempt to recreate in reverse a creative biography, in which the time of history does not always coincide with the time of art.
  • Wednesday 5th November 5.30 p.m.  Loredana Gallo -The restoration of the contemporary as a tool of knowledge and analysis
    An itinerary through the  artworks by Sepo, “Albero viola e casa bianca” (1915 ca.), Mario Oddone Cavaglieri, “I fidanzati” (1919), Oscar Ghiglia, “Natura morta con frutta” (1925-1930) e Bruno Saetti, “Natura morta/Muro” (1978).
  •  Wednesday 12th November 5.30 p.m. Silvia FiaschiI merge with the contemporary: young artists of ‘67
    An itinerary through the  artworks by Antonio Bueno, “Esecuzione” (1957), Alberto Moretti, “Malcom X ed altri” (1965), Renato Ranaldi, “Cecil Taylor come teatrino” (1968).
  •  Wednesday 19th November 5.30 p.m. Nicola SalvioliModern metallic surface, treatment and alteration
    An itinerary through the  artworks by Pericle Fazzini, “Ritratto di Giuseppe Ungaretti” (1936), Marino Mazzacurati, “Ritratto di Walter Conadin) (1941), Luciano Minguzzi, “Gatto” (1952), Mirko Basaldella, “Motivo Vertical” (1954) and Re Salomone (1960), Marcello Guasti, “Scultura n° 4-65 (1965).
  •  Wednesday 26th November 5.30 p.m. Rossella Lari - Intervention on the collection “Della Ragione” and “MIAC Ragghianti”
    An itinerary through the  artworks by Giovanni Costetti, “Nudi” (1930), Emilio Vedova, “Plurimo 1962/63, n.7 “Opposti””, (1962-63), Mauro Chessa, “Interno di automobile (1965) e Titiana Maselli, “Camion” (1968).

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