High Line stories

Venerdì 29 settembre ore 17.30

Speakers: Henrique Pessoa Alves, Giovanni Bartolozzi and Matteo Zambelli

Organized by Studio++

High Line is one of the interventions that has most influenced the image of contemporary New York, generating a new process of tourism. An intervention that went hand in hand with the requalification of an abandoned infrastructure and which, even before it became an architectural masterpiece, was desired by the citizens. A veritable change from below which the book by Matteo Zambelli and Henrique Pessoa Alves La High Line di New York. Un parco nel cielo (Mimesis, 2012) clearly describes, putting the accent on the social significance of this recovery of public space.

Sustainable tourism, the collective significance of public space and the new role of architecture for citizens will be the central theme of the encounter, which will endeavour to find useful comparisons and ideas for the future of Florence and its offer to tourists.


Free admission subject to availability of seats. Included in the Estate Fiorentina