Guest. Jose Dávila

26 settembre 2018 ore 18.00

Introduction by Sergio Risaliti

Lecturers: Marco Brizzi e Lorenzo Bruni

For his first institutional exhibition at an Italian museum Jose Dávila synthesizes the scope of his artistic practice, ranging from the sculptural, the pictorial and the graphic fields. In this lecture Dávila will delve into how his multi-disciplinary practice engages with the relationship between form and content in a variety of formats. His sculptures are a reflection of different physical phenomena and are determined by a series of structural intuitions; the antagonistic nature of the used materials creates a forced collaboration between them in order to maintain a delicate balance, highlighting the human intervention that transforms the space and re-signifies the object. Dávila’s practice works through the isolation of visual vocabularies belonging to different stages of Western art history, that are later appropriated, reframed and re-contextualized through different techniques such as superimposition, cutting-out and juxtaposition, this compels the viewer to question the way in which we recognize and relate visually. These visual and material aporias work as paradoxes that permit the coexistence of frailty and resistance, rest and tension, geometric order and random chaos.

Free entrance while seats last. The ticket does not include access to the museum.