Gillo Dorfles: the art I have met in my life

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A conversation with Gillo Dorfles, Aldo Colonetti and Luigi Sansone
In collaboration with IED

The title of the conference refers to one of the latest books of Gillo Dorfles, Gli artisti che ho incontrato (Artists I have met), dealing with an extraordinary witness that illustrates through his activity as a militant critic the daily “taste oscillations” – to mention one of his famous and present books. Like art and life pass together, artists and art can’t work separately as our relation with time and existence is crucial to give meaning to art and the esthetic dimension.

Keeping an open mind, using as best as we can one of the most important qualities of Dorfles, eclecticism, which means to carefully face towards what may be considered unusual as an esthetic experience at a first and superficial sight, and finally understanding from the artistic languages most marginal clues are key to realize what experimentation and authenticity mean. Since the late 20s of the 20th century, Gillo Dorfles has represented an irreplaceable point of reference as a guide for our judgments in a contemporaneity that is more and more difficult to understand and interpret. L’arte che ho incontrato nella mia vita (The art I have met in my life) is also a travel diary including tales of art experiences and languages that never forget humans.

Gillo Dorfles is one of the most eclectic personality of contemporary art and culture. After his first prolific experimentation phase with arts, he dedicates his studies to esthetic and art critique with interest in the Avant-garde art movements, the relation between art and industry and the tastes of our contemporary culture. Dorfles is one of the founders of the Concrete Art Movement (1948), but at the end of the 50s he decides to focus his studies on esthetic teaching at Trieste, Milan and Cagliari universities, while maintaining his career as art critic. His artistic production was exhibited at the MAC group exhibitions as well as at other solo exhibitions. Among his most popular works are L’architettura moderna (1954), Simbolo comunicazione consumo (1962), Nuovi riti, nuovi miti (1965), Artificio e natura (1968), Il Kitsch (1968), Le oscillazioni del gusto (1970), Mode & Modi (1979), Il feticcio quotidiano (1988); Horror pleni. La (in)civiltà del rumore (2008), 99+1 risposte (2010), Irritazioni (2010), Gli artisti che ho incontrato (2015).

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