Gherardo Bosio. Opera completa 1927-1941

Mercoledì 19 ottobre, ore 17.30

Wednesday October, 19th, 5.30 p.m.

Gherardo Bosio. Opera completa 1927-1941

Presentation of the volume by Riccardo Renzi; a project by Gabriele Corsani, Saverio Mecca, Ulisse Tramonti. In collaboration with DIDA – Università di Firenze

The book, published by the Architetti del Novecento series, retraces the creative and professional path of the architect Gherardo Bosio (1903-1941), who acted as a main character within the 30s architectural framework.

Free access to the lecture, while seats last. The entrance does not include the access to the museum.