Flautata voce XXY

8 gennaio 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016, 9 p.m.


GIF Gamo International Festival


Ana Spasic, soprano and Sara Minelli, flute.

Music by de Roussel, Dusman, Ferneyhough, Furrer, Giuliani,  Lombardi, Marić, Rebora,  Saariaho, Schőnberg, Vatenina.

The last concert of Gamo International Festival (GIF), directed by Giancarlo Cardini and Francesco Gesualdi and included in the 36th edition of GAMO’s Season of Concerts.

Flautata voce XXY (Flute-like voice XXY) is a voice in the Contemporary Classical Music.

The project investigates the fascinating connection between the human voice and the flute and aims to support the work of composers exploring this unique synergy.

Soprano Ana Spasic and flautist Sara Minelli present an extremely rare selection of solo and duo pieces written between 1912  and 2015  by composers from Austria, France, Finland, Yugoslavia, UK, Italy, USA, Russia. The International programme combines different styles of music and includes wide range of performing techniques.

Alongside works by leading composers, Ana and Sara propose pieces written especially for them by emerging composers.