Firenze Novecento

3 e 10 giugno 2015

June 3rd and June 10th

A multi-disciplinary analysis moving through the arts of the twentieth century, led by the experts who took part in the scientific researches leading to the opening of the Museo Novecento.
June 3rd at 5.30pm
Giovanni Vitali
The birth of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and first editions of the Festival

In 1933, the Festival of the Maggio Musicale began with the “Nabucco” of Giuseppe Verdi. Inspired by the Festival of Salzburg, the Florentine Festival immediately stood out for the original artistic practices and the renewal of the fittings thanks to the collaboration with the most relevant painters of the twentieth century. The lecture will be based on rare film shooting stored at the Istituto Luce in order to revisit the context in which the Maggio Musicale was created, going through the first editions until the World War Two.

Mercoledì 10 giugno ore 17.30
Marino Biondi
A century of culture about literature and philosophy. “Diaries and letters: Prezzolini Papini and the remembrance of the twentieth century.”
The twentieth century narrated by those who experienced it, through letters and diaries. An autobiographic story and a biography which merged with others’ life, building common but different testimonies thanks to their personal and original approach. The lecture will go through the Orphic doctrines developed by Soffici and Papini, not only based on a feeling or an emotion but on thoughts, an idea, an overview as was also the long story of Diario by Giuseppe Prezzolini, director of the vociano orchestra.

A series of meetings organized by Valentina Gensini.

Free entrance while seats last without access to the collection of the Museo Novecento.