Body to body. Art practices from the twentieth century to the present day

9 giugno – 25 settembre 2015

9 June – 25 September

In conjunction with the exhibition HUMAN. Antony Gormley, currently on show at the Forte di Belvedere, the Museo Novecento presents a series of lectures involving international guests and focusing on the use and the representation of the human body in the artistic researches from the twentieth Century to the present day.

Wednesday, July 8, h 5.30 p.m.
Andrew Benjamin
‘Human all too Human’: Antony Gormley’s Human

Sculpture from the Greeks onwards has been concerned with the presentation of the human body. The body was given both an ideal form and a particular form. However the possibility of the ‘ideal’ created an essential part of the history of sculpture. Even the Laocoön was understood as expressing the appropriate form of grief. It was structured by a sense of the ideal. This lecture will situate Antony Gormley’s  Human within the context of the history of the sculptured body. The lecture will argue that Gormley’s work in reworking the body is also a deconstruction of any idealisation of the body.

Andrew Benjamin is Professor of Philosophy and Jewish Thought at Monash University, Melbourne and of Philosophy and the Humanities at Kingston University in London. His recent books include Art’s Philosophical Work. Rowman and Littlefield International (2015), Towards A Relational Ontology. Philosophy’s Other Possibility ( 2015); Working with Walter Benjamin. Recovering a Political Philosophy (2013).

In collaboration with the British Institute Florence.
The lecture will be held in English. Free entrance while seats last.