Actions from the work of Elio Vittorini – First episode

Sabato 8 ottobre, ore 16.30

Saturday October, 8th, 4.30 p.m.


Actions from the work of Elio Vittorini – First episode (*)

A project by Associazione culturale Murmuris


Murmuris show based on Conversazione in Sicilia by Elio Vittorini. The project has been created by Laura Croce and Francesco Migliorini. With Roberto Gioffrè, Roberta Bosetti and Massimo Conti. Video-art by Jacopo Jenna. Music selection by Luigi Attademo. Light design by Gabriele Termine.

The work Conversazione in Sicilia represents many things: a “wounded world”, a return trip, a conversation. It is an acknowledgment path leaded by compassion (Beatrice) and intellect (Virgilio). From one side the pity is addressed to a painful and abandoned human being; from the other side, the reason obliges to find new ways to get out from the Earth’s hell.
The 7 years old child’s gaze, fulfilled with miracles and similar to a kite in the sky, is compared to the man’s gaze. Then a Man, who exists twice. The child he was and the Man he is now, come back to those places.

Conversazione in Sicilia is both a video and instantaneous memory. It is composed by two narrative plans: the first one is real and currently developing; the second is related to the memory, to the dream and to the recollection.
The touching point of the two plans does not give answers, but it points out a possibility.
«I started to fear, I started to remember. I didn’t have any answer. I didn’t cry for any reason. After all I didn’t cry, neither I remembered anything and the memory looked like someone else’s tears.»

October, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 5.00 p.m.
Showing of the video produced by Jacopo Jenna

In the days before the show the showing of Jacopo Jenna’s work will stand as an ideal prologue of the performance that will take place in the October, 8th .
During the entire week, the Museo Novecento visitors will be able to experience an immersive path inspired by the Elio Vittorini work, related to the link between Vittorini and the artists whose works are hosted in the Museo Novecento.

(*)The event is part of the program of Estate Fiorentina 2016.

Free access to the altana, while seats last. The entrance does not include the access to the museum.