Art, craftsmanship and contemporary after the flood

Mercoledì 14 dicembre, ore 17.30

Wednesday December 14, 5.30pm

Showing of the unreleased scenes of the documentary Florence ’66 – After the flood by Enrico Pacciani

Rodolfo Ceccotti talks to Simone Guaita

In collaboration with Il Bisonte foundation

Ragghianti’s proposal of creating, right after the flood, an innovative museum of contemporary arts open to design was not a sole case. Like him, many Italian and foreign artists and artisans tried to open new contemporary paths for the traditional Florentine art.

The print house Il Bisonte born in 1959 in via Ricasoli, Florence. The founder Maria Luigia Guaita who had journalism and publishing experiences, had the chance to experience and appreciate the lithography techniques in Scotland in the studio of a painter who was a friends of her. She was supported by a group of intellectuals such as Giorgio Luti (Italian literature historian), Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti (art historian), Enrico Vallecchi (editor) and Odoardo Strigelli.

Maria Luigia Guaita wanted to raise awareness on the original graphic art works in opposition to the rampant success of reproductions with no value.

The first artists she invited to Il Bisonte were the Informali group- Carmassi, Moreni, Scanavino, Giò Pomodoro- followed by the main supporter of the so called “generazione del Dieci”: Soffici, Severini, Carrà and Magnelli.

For many years the print house was the meeting point for experts of great value. Boschi, Capocchini, Caruso, Clerici, Cremonini, Maccari and Mattioli were some of the collaborating artists.

The flood that invaded Florence on November 1966 submerged the new store in San Niccolò of the print house as well; but the tragedy that seemed so irreparable, it created a new strength instead. While the world was focused on the destroyed city, the recovery of Il Bisonte meant to plan future international relations. Then, Herny Moore launched a collaboration which was intended to last in time, followed by others such as Chadwick, Calder, Sutherland, Matta, Lipchitz, Tamayo and Arroyo.

This meeting will experience the intellectual relation between Maria Luigia Guaita and Ragghianti and introduce the presence of international artists in Florence.

The ticket does not include the access to the museum.