André Bloc and the integration of plastic arts in life

Mercoledì 27 settembre ore 17.00

Speakers: Paolo Amaldi, Marco Del Francia, Annalisa Viani Navone and Susanna Ragionieri  

Introduced by: Valentina Gensini

At the end of the ‘forties, André Bloc, a trained engineer and founder and director of “L’Architecture d’aujourd’hui”, at the outset of a prolific artistic career, established a privileged relationship with Italy, in particular with the art world engaged in the “Sintesi delle Arti” cultural project. «Recognition of the new cooperative relationship between the world of art and that of industrial production as one of the most serious and current problems (…) and reaffirmation of the unitary relationship between architecture, painting and sculpture” was the objective of the 1954 edition of the Milan X Triennale and also the main theme of the Groupe Espace manifesto, founded by Bloc in the same year and to which artists associated with the Movimento per l’Arte Concreta (MAC) adhered. This unity of purpose regarding the project, aimed at integration between artistic disciplines, takes various forms. During the meeting two in particular will be examined in depth. The first concerns the collaboration with Vittoriano Viganò, Milan-born architect, member of the MAC and the Groupe Espace, and Italian correspondent for the journals “L’Architecture d’aujourd’hui” and “Aujourd’hui : art et architecture” from 1947 to 1963, who designed with and for the French artist his first holiday home on Lake Garda (1954 – 1958). Secondly, there will be discussions on the “architecture-sculpture” experiments of an organic nature, which Bloc undertook in the ‘sixties in the park adjoining his home in Meudon, where he produced, on different scales, examples of “sculptures” and “maisons habitacles” which were presented in Florence, in 1962, at an exhibition held in Matilde Giorgini’s Quadrante Gallery which gave rise to new reflections on domestic living that were to influence the ideas and work of Vittorio Giorgini.