Venerdì 7 luglio ore 19.00 e ore 21.00 (replica)

A KanterStrasse production with the support of the Region of Tuscany and the Municipality of Terranuova Bracciolini (Habitat project)

Written and directed by Simone Martini
Lighting design: Marco Santambrogio
Set and costume design: Eva Sgrò
With Luca Avagliano, Alessio Martinoli and Simone Martini
Drawings: Andrea Rauch
Graphics, photos: Elisa Brilli

Is it possible to recount a Shakespearian tragedy to children and to discuss with them such philosophical concepts as power, the law and death?

The aim of the KanterStrasse project is to stress the importance of familiarising oneself with high-minded thoughts and words even at a young age. Amletino is a journey through what is probably the best-known work by the immortal English poet and playwright, a poetic, ironic rewriting of a classic in communion with and in strict relation to the imagination of artist and illustrator Andrea Rauch, who for Amletino drew a series of original plates which during the performance are shown as projections.

The intent of the project is to introduce children to Hamlet, to the intricacies of the plot, the characters, the complex meanings, and at the same time to overcome the difficulties posed by the length and the elaborate language in verse of the original, by making use of a tragicomic, ‘light’ lexicon.

We start from the beginning, from the death of a great king, King Hamlet. His son Amletino meets him as a ghost on the walls of Elsinore Castle and discovers that the king did not die of natural causes: he was assassinated! The ghost asks that his death be avenged, but the price to pay will be very steep.

Recommended age: 7 years and up

Info and bookings: tel.  377 98 78 803

Free admission on a first come, first served basis. Admission to the museum is not included.

An event on the Estate Fiorentina 2017 programme.