The Wall – “Darkness – On the margins of vision”

21 aprile – 21 giugno 2018

The Wall – “Darkness – On the margins of vision”

Among the elements that comprise the valorisation plan of the Museo Novecento’s new course, on the ground floor, on one of the great walls overlooking the cloister, there is place for The Wall project.

An original display format that proposes the synthesis and visual elaboration typical of infographics and offers the spectator a figurative chart, packed with information and inter-related suggestions, developed graphically along the walls. The first exhibition, curated by Marco Bazzini with the collaboration of Isia Florence, entitled “Darkness – On the margins of vision” (20 April – 21 June) focuses on the theme of darkness, not as an absence, but rather as a common approach to recounting the history of art from a new angle, so as to understand how artists used, experienced or represented darkness, beginning with contemporary artists and going back through the centuries. In an easily comprehensible graphic model, the Wall organizes information, concepts and data regarding the works collected by the curator, which will provide the visitor with new incentives and new traces for interpretation.

Darkness is difficult to define. Is it a characteristic, a dimension, a metaphor? A condition or rather an environment? Darkness, howsoever declined, is undoubtedly something ambivalent. It is present yet at the same time it withdraws. There is no darkness without light, no obscurity without clarity.

Precisely because it is absolutely unattainable, in this exhibition darkness has been searched for in works of art. A visual path through the history of art which highlights how the constant presence of darkness – all too often it is thought that art is present only where there is light – changes depending on culture and time.

If more recent artists invite us to remain in darkness, other protagonists of the twentieth century refer to darkness as a subject for pictorial expression or introspective investigation. A path comprising over 60 works which, working backwards, arrives at the representation of nocturnes, a pictorial genre, the first example of which is to be found in Florence in the Chapel Baroncelli in Santa Croce with the Announcement to the Shepherds by Taddeo Gaddi.

The visual elaboration of data has been undertaken by ISIA Florence, an institution of advanced training in design and communication under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education, University and Research MIUR-AFAM.

The work has been elaborated by first-year students of the ISIA three-year course (academic year 2017/2018) under the guidance of multimedia languages teacher, Francesco Fumelli and digital display expert Mirko Balducci.

Curated by Marco Bazzini
In collaborations with Isia Florence