Paradigma. The architect’s drawing board Mario Cucinella

21 aprile – 21 giugno 2018

Paradigma. The architect’s drawing board Mario Cucinella

A wing of the Renaissance open gallery on the ground floor of the Museum will host Paradigma – The Architect’s drawing board, a periodical project dedicated to different architects who from time to time are invited to tell the public about themselves through images, drawings, projects and/or  table models.

The first exhibition, curated by Laura Andreini, is dedicated to the work of Mario Cucinella, the recently appointed curator of the Italian Pavilion at the next Architecture Biennale.

The drawing-board, instrument par excellence in the architect’s work, represents what an easel is for a painter or a music-stand for a musician, in other words, it lies at the very roots of his creation.  The drawing-board will host one of Cucinella’s projects and will be a testing ground for architects and young scholars.

Architecture enters as a protagonist in the Museo Novecento, a building which overlooks Piazza Santa Maria Novella and assumes the role of intermediary between the works of art exhibited inside and one of the greatest masterpieces of Renaissance architecture:  the façade of the basilica, designed by Leon Battista Alberti. It therefore appeared fitting to invite architecture to enter a building that benefits so intensely from its vision.  Art and its “container”, architecture, thus give rise to a harmonious dialogue which we hope will arouse great interest.

Mario Cucinella is the founder of Mario Cucinella Architects. With over 20 years  of professional practice, MCA has acquired widespread experience in architectural design, paying special attention to the sustainability and environmental impact of buildings.   In 2017 Mario Cucinella received the  prestigious Honorary Fellowship Award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA). In 2016 he was granted the International Fellowship 2016 by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

For the 2018 Venice Biennale he will be responsible for curating the Italian Pavilion.

Mario Cucinella founded Building Green Future in 2012, a non-profit organization whose objective is to integrate sustainable architecture and renewable energy in order to improve the living conditions and access to resources in developing countries.  In 2015 he set up S.O.S. – School of Sustainability in Bologna, a school whose aim is to train new professional figures in the field of sustainability.

A project devised by Sergio Risaliti and Tommaso Sacchi
Curated by Laura Andreini