PARADIGMA. The architect’s drawing board GIANLUCA PELUFFO & PARTNERS

3 luglio – 6 settembre 2018

On the starting signal for the second round of the circle Paradigm. The drawing-board of the architect at the Museo Novecento, a project made by Sergio Risaliti and curated by Laura Andreini, that will show the works of GianlucaPeluffo&Partners from July 3th – 6th September, three projects are presented in the exhibition on which the studio is working in Egypt.

The material exposed at the Museo Novecento concerns the foundation of a city – “Il Monte Galala” inSokhna at the Red Sea and of a new Mosque, both are commissions of the Egyptian society Tatweer Misr. The project of Il Monte Galala has won in 2016 the Dubai Cityscape Award for the best Masterplan in the Middle East region. The second project is characterized by a role for which the architectural language is decisive and that immediately defines the relationship with the location in genealogical terms as wells as regarding a possible future. The third project finally looks at the El Alamein War Museum located at the Mediterranean cost, commissioned by the Ministry of Housing and New Urban Communities of Egypt.

“The three projects want to express in their own realization and representation and at different scales in the urban, architectural and monumental field, the planning method of an Italian studio, that on the base of a solid consciousness of the cultural memberships, is able to place itself as a creative counterpart in the definition of a “genealogical Stra-Linguaggio” declares Gianluca Peluffo“This last one is invented within special social and locale conditions, but it is still inside the so-called “Duty of Contemporaneousness”.

The “drawing-boards of the architect” will be the places for a synthesis and reading of the three projects, through some kind of “Petri dish” made out of images, spirit and construction material. The exhibition evolves through a dialogue between the photos of Ernesta Caviola, the artistic intervention by Adriano Bocca and the terracotta model by Danilo Trogu with the technical and evocative drawings of the three projects.