Duel – Jose Dávila. Not all those who wander are lost

3 luglio – 11 ottobre 2018

The second round of the circle Duel made by the art director of the Museo Novecento, Sergio Risaliti. Protagonist of the exhibition Not all those who wander are lost (until October 11th), curated by Lorenzo Bruni, is the Mexican artist Jose Dávila, it is his first personal exhibition in an Italian institute. As in the previous edition – which was about protagonistUlla Von Brandenburg – the invited artist chose a, in the collection of the Florentine museum conserved work (Mario Radice, Composizione C.F. 124, 1939) and starting from this, he created a site specific project in dialectic both with the painting and the museum spaces, in particularly with the desecrated chapel at the building’s ground floor.

The exhibition in Florence is an unique occasion to get to know the work of Jose Dávila, one of the artists whose generation was the most active in creating never before seen relations between the sculptural gesture and the definition of the architectonical space, between the reactivation of the collective memory and the instant contemplation, of the Kairos of the direct experience with the reality and the art.