ALLAN KAPROW. I will always be a painter – of sorts. Drawings, Paintings, Happenings, Environments

20 febbraio - 5 ottobre 2020

Curated by Sergio Risaliti and Barry Rosen

Known as the Father of Environments and Happenings, Allan Kaprow (Atlantic City, 1927 – Encinitas, 2006) was an unflagging, multidisciplinary artist who explored a wide range of media throughout his intense career. He was also very active as a theorist, inspiring generations of artists and promoting an idea of art that was at once conceptual, utopian, political, spontaneous, provocative and highly ironic. He laid the foundations for a new conception of the artwork that posited a radical merging of art and life. After an early career as a painter, strongly influenced by Jackson Pollock’s Action Painting, between the late 1950s and the early 1960s he abandoned more classical means of expression to focus on creating environments and interactive, ephemeral actions that questioned notions about monumental art, seen as being “samey” and unchanging over time. In line with the cross-contamination of performance, theatre, dance and the visual arts, typical of those years, his works promoted an ever-increasing integration between spaces, materials, time and people.
From 20 February to 4 June, the Museo Novecento is dedicating a solo exhibition to this great artist of the twentieth century, mounted in conjunction with the Allan Kaprow Estate and Hauser & Wirth.
The exhibition traces a backward path, opening with the reinvention of two of his most   emblematic works, WORDS (1962)  and FLUIDS (1967), then exploring his graphic and publishing work, videos and activities of the 1960s, to end with some rooms devoted to his drawings and paintings.

Reinventions’ calendar:

Allan Kaprow
WORDS, 1962 (New York)

2020 Version
Dania Menafra
Museo Novecento, Firenze

Allan Kaprow
FLUIDS, 1967 (Pasadena, Los Angeles)

2020 Version
Davide D’Amelio, Anna Dormio, Bekhbaatar Enkthur, Esma Ilter, Giulia Poppi, Negar Sh
Museo Novecento, Florence