28 June 2021

Wednesday, June 30 at 6.00 pm, Museo Novecento presents LABORATORY ON DESIRE, in collaboration with Jonas Firenze

“During the first lockdown (March-April 2020) I imagined a virtual laboratory on desire open to everyone. The theme of desire was chosen because in that temporal juncture, people, confined to their homes, could feel constrained, limited in their own desiring dimension, a bit like the prisoners with whom I had had the opportunity to confront myself a short time before by presenting them with works of the permanent collection of the museum” – explains Sergio Risaliti, director of Museo Novecento. “How can we arouse desire in those who feel locked up and unable to express it? I thought of carrying out this project in collaboration with Jonas Firenze, an association that sees the assumption of subjective desire as central to the analytic work.”

The laboratory was built around two visions of desire: that of those who feel limited by external conditions and that of those who, on the other hand, manage to make this limit a possibility.

Many people have joined the project through the creation of images and words, which remain as evidence of the experiences of this moment.

On Wednesday, June 30 at 6.00pm at the Cinema Hall of Museo Novecento, the public will be able to attend the presentation of the publication that collects the creations of the participants in the workshop created during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sergio Risaliti, Director of Museo Novecento and Ilaria Innocenti, art psychotherapist of Jonas Firenze and some participants will speak.
The event is free while seats last. Reservations are required at: