5 July 2016

July 5th, 2016

New technologies and a contest are the latest news

The Museo Novecento of Florence, inaugurated on June 24th, 2014, is an example of innovation since its start, thanks to its multimedia approach that heightens an interactive experience of twentieth-century Italian art by using the ultimate technology. The research material available through multimedia supports, spread out along the exhibition itinerary, expands the boundaries of the museum, turning more and more into a place of knowledge and experience. In order to further improve the visitors’ enjoyment, the Comune di Firenze summoned companies and professionals to offer ideas and solutions based on ICT (Information and CommunicationTechnologies), to freely test them at the Museo Novecento for a given period of time. This is how INNOVecento – Museo Novecento Innovation Lab was born: a project starting from the contents and technologies available in the museum and aiming at the development of innovative software, such as the application of augmented reality by computer-generated sensory input or wearable systems, or systems of tactile interaction between physical objects and digital contents, as 3D prints or smart objects. These are just few examples of how to promote an advanced fruition of cultural assets. The experimentation will be free but appealing both to the museum and to the potential technological partners in terms of mutual visibility and shared planning.

Museo Novecento’s news

Five companies specialized in technologies applied to cultural assets have participated in the competition to this day – the announcement is still open to applications.

-         Inmaps presents an App (for Apple devices) that combines indoor navigation with mobile marketing: visitors will be able to interact with the museum’s information directly from their smartphone and be guided step by step through the new experience of a multimedia visit. Through indoor navigation the visitor will be able to access a multimedia description of the works included in the permanent collection in addition to a vast archive of research material and be updated on events and exhibits organized during the testing period.

-         NEMECH – New Media for Cultural Heritage – is a Centro di Competenza della Regione Toscana established at the University of Florence, promoted by MICC Media Integration and Communication Center, Centro di Eccellenza of MIUR at the University of Florence. Nemech proposes the creation of an APP (for Android devices) that can activate, during the visit to the museum, the camera of the device and take pictures of the works on display. The picture will be analyzed by the system and automatically and instantaneously recognized among the set of works under testing by way of an original technique of image elaboration. Then the app will offer the visitor further information supplied by the museum on the piece regarding its style and its historical and artistic context. At the same time the visitor will be able to apply the work’s “style” to an image of his/her personal gallery. The result of the elaboration will be sent via e-mail within few minutes.

-         The project Exibiamo, born from an idea by Leonardo Perugini and Simone Lampredi, introduces a virtual tour of three rooms of the Museo Novecento (reachable here) that can be explored from a desktop and from a smartphone. The Interactive Virtual Tour was realized through sophisticated techniques of elaboration and of photographic assembly. One will be able to explore the rooms and zoom to see from a very close perspective the different pieces on display: statues, paintings and architectural details. In every mapped room hotspots of works from the permanent collection will refer to an in-depth information box on the work. The project, furthermore, allows to add contents, videos, information on the works, links with database and further information on the itinerary.

-         3F Consulting S.r.l. Company of Web Engineering focusing since more than 10 years on the development of complex portals and on the integration of processes and applications, introduces in the museum the demo of an innovative web service for booking museum activities through the vocal experimentation. One will be able to fill in forms to book the activities offered by the Florentine Civic Museums by way of vocal commands. The user will be able to experiment a new modality of fruition of a web service using the voice instead of the classical keyboard.

-         MakeTank, a Florentine startup dedicated to Italian designers and their creations – online with an ecommerce of products combining the tradition of made in Italy design with Digital Fabrication technology: 3D printing, laser cutting etc… – participated in the competition creating a design contest. DesignWinMake INNOVecento Edition, for the planning of an exclusive object realized with the technology of 3D printing. The competitors are requested to elaborate an innovative idea combining design, art and architecture by exploring in an original way the relationship between emptiness/fullness, light/dark, shape/colour, starting from geometrical elements turned into visual and volumetric patterns and by grasping the suggestions offered by some of the works by representative artists of the Museo Novecento in Florence. DesignWinMakeINNOVecento addresses creative talents, makers and designers (individuals, groups or associations) that are up for the challenge of planning an object resulting from the experimentation stemmed from applying 3D printing to the museum field and from a highly innovative cultural operation. To attend the competition one must fill in the registration form published on and send the project within September 26th, 2016. For all technical specifications please refer to the announcement to be consulted on the competition’s site. The participation is free. The jury, including Laura Calligari (, Luciano Cantini (Kentstrapper), Laura De Benedetto (MakeTank), Valentina Gensini (Museo Novecento of Florence) and Alessandro Zambelli (designer), will judge the projects and will proclaim the winner, by the end of October, of the DesignWinMakeINNOVecento Edition. The prototype of the winner project will be realized at the expenses of the technical partner Kentstrapper and marked by DWM and INNOVecento logos. The award ceremony for the winner project will take place in Florence at the end of 2016. DesignWinMakeINNOVecento Edition is the fourth edition of the DesignWinMake competition, created and promoted by MakeTank and the furniture and design webmagazine Kentstrapper, a Florentine company producing and selling 3D Open Source printers, is the technical partner of DWM and INNOVecento Edition.

-         The teaching of planning languages and techniques through games and a fun environment is the project promoted and realized by Coderdojo, and is aimed at the young and very young visitors of the Museo Novecento. The programming club for youngsters, totally free, is part of an international movement amounting to 400 coderdojos throughout the world. CoderDojo are entirely free and non-profit and organized thanks to the time and effort of the volunteers managing them. In Florence the CoderDojo is formally a project by the Associazione “FabLab Firenze” whose volunteers support and help organize their activities. The workshop dedicated to kids (from age 8 and up) is to take place a Saturday in November. Info and booking for the workshop: tel. +39 055 2768224 – +39 055 2768558,