Fall at the Museum of the Twentieth Century

1 October 2014

Meetings and conferences at the new museum of Florence

After the inauguration on the 24th of June, 2014, the Museum of the Twentieth Century (Piazza S. M. Novella, Spedale delle Leopoldine), that welcomed over 30.000 visitors since its opening, opens up to the city by offering meetings and conferences and becoming a new center of attraction for all art lovers.
Starting on the 8th of October, on three Wednesdays, a series of lectures on Picasso e l’Italia in collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi; starting on the 29th of October, throughout the month of November, the series I segreti dell’artista, to discover and get acquainted with the works of the Civic Collections along with scholars and restorers. The series of lectures are organized by Valentina Gensini.

Further encounters dedicated to in-depth analyses of themes linked to the art of the Twentieth Century, the works in the Museum and the Civic Collections, are planned in addition to these two appointments.

Every meeting, with free access while seats last, will take place on the covered roof terrace, on the last level of the Museum.

Picasso e l’Italia Lectures
In collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

  • Mercoledì 8 ottobre ore 17.30: Maria Grazia Messina – Picasso e il cubismo: una questione aperta
    The keys to interpret Cubism, and Picasso’s production in particular, are many. The conference focuses on Picasso’s visual culture, on the unique environment represented by Paris in the first decade of the nineteen hundreds in terms of suggestions between goods, advertising, photography. The media revolution, the manifold net of new urban communication, stimulated different modes of perception and therefore innovative working methods. But Picasso used massmedia devices for a deep reflection on modes and codes of visual representation.
  • Mercoledì 15 ottobre ore 17.30: Caterina Zappia – Picasso e gli italiani: la suggestione degli antichi maestri e i rapporti con gli artisti contemporanei
    The relations between the Spanish master and our country, that he visited twice, are more intense than it is known: these connections emerge not only from the influence ancient and contemporary Italian art exercised on his production, but also from the rich correspondence he shared between 1905 and 1965 with intellectuals, politicians and artists.
  • Mercoledì 22 ottobre ore 17.30: Eva Francioli – Sulle orme di Picasso. Conferenza itinerante alle collezioni del Museo Novecento
    To which extent Picasso’s work influenced twentieth-century Italian art? Which themes, iconographies, technical and linguistic experimentations? The itinerant conference, moving through the collection of the museum of the Twentieth Century, is a starting point for a careful consideration on the durability, variations and surpassing of Picasso’s model, stemming from a direct and open confrontation with the works of some of the main Italian artists of the last century.

Series of lectures on I segreti dell’artista

  • Mercoledì 29 ottobre ore 17:30: Davide Lacagnina – Il caso Pirandello: i tempi della storia, i tempi dell’arte
    With a special exhibit of the work I tondi, by Fausto Pirandello.
    The lecture is dedicated to the painting “I tondi” by Fausto Pirandello, donated by the artist to the Comune di Firenze in 1967: it is a key work dating to the period of training the artist spent in Paris between the twenties and thirties. The research conducted in occasion of the arranging of the museum led to debate on the traditional date assigned to the work, that is, 1929.
    As usual, in Pirandello’s catalogue as in those of many artists of his generation, it is indeed a remake of the second half of the nineteen hundreds: it is a return to a theme important to the artist, of which other examples, also with variations, exist. It configures itself as an attempt to recreate in reverse a creative biography, fixing moments and reasons for a poetical route, in which the times of history does not always coincide with the times of art.
    The series will last throughout the month of November (every Wednesday at 5.30 p.m.) with itinerant tours and meetings with restorers.

The other lectures

  • 1st of October at 5.30 p.m.: Conference by Mario Ruffini – Giovanni Colacicchi e la musica.
    With the showing of the documentary by Clemente Fiorentini Giovanni Colacicchi e Flavia Arlotta: cronaca famigliare e vita d’artista
    The lecture is part of a series promoted by Fondazione Parchi Monumentali Bardini Peyron linked to the monographic exhibitGiovanni Colacicchi. Figure di ritmo e di musica nella Firenze del ‘900 that will take place in the beautiful rooms of Villa Bardini until the 19th of October.On Monday, October 13, at 5.30 p.m., Susanna Ragionieri, the second curator of the exhibit, will give a lecture titled Giovanni Colacicchi e il sogno della pittura at Villa Bardini, free entrance and guided tour with a special opening of the exhibit.
  • October 19 at 5.30 p.m.: Presentation of the book When the World Answered – Le artiste e l’alluvione by Linda Falcone and Jane Fortune. In collaboration with Advancing Women Artists Foundation.