3 May 2016

Monday, May 30, 6.00 p.m.

Il velo dell’arte. una rete di immagini tra passato e contemporaneità.

Institut Français Firenze

Presentation of the volume by Lucia Corrain. The author meets Paolo Fabbri

By constantly comparing artworks of the past to contemporary pieces, the volume creates constellations of images that, notwithstanding the different media they refer to, are interconnected giving rise to new and unexpected meanings. It is the case with Alberti’s veil, put in relation with “The Draughtsman’s Contract” by Peter Greenaway, with the installation “Rahmenbau” in Kassel and with the video “The veiling” by Bill Viola. The cuts by Lucio Fontana and the colour dripping by Hermann Nitsch can be related to the wounds in Jesus’ side, just as the candle-lit paintings in the seventeenth century are connected, in terms of the emotional involvement of the spectator, with the video-installations by Bill Viola. Furthermore, the ardent shapes of pain displayed in Niccolò dell’Arca’s “Lamentation” in Bologna, can be directly compared to a contemporary work, “Kossovo’s Pietà” by Pascal Convert. The passage from figurative to totally abstract art can be especially appreciated in “Rothko Chapel” in Houston, where the American artist’s modus operandi creates a relationship with the spectator similar to the one Beato Angelico had already experimented in the cells of San Marco convent in Florence.

In collaboration with Institut Français Firenze