Longhi in 1918. New documents and disclosures

27 January 2015

Novecento Introduces:

Wednesday, February 4, 5:30 p.m., Mauro Pratesi, Longhi in 1918. New documents and disclosures

In 1918 Roberto Longhi started collaborating with the Roman periodical “Rassegna Romana”, releasing a long review concerning the art events of the time. These included the inauguration of the movie theater Corso devised by Marcello Piacentini, Italian and European graphic arts, the performance of “Balli Plastici” by Depero at the Teatro dei Piccoli of Rome in 1918. His slating without appeal of Piacentini’s architecture, together with his critical note concerning Depero’s show, were both censored by Longhi himself when the volume Scritti Giovanili delle Opere Complete in 1961 was published. Those brief but significant written works are today proposed to the public again to better comprehend and broaden the critic’s approach in the twenties.

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