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12. ottone rosai: poets, critics and artists

After World War I, having ended his brief futurist experience, Ottone Rosai (Florence 1895 – Ivrea 1957) joined Strapaese, the artistic and literary movement that was begun in 1926 by Mino Maccari. Having exhausted the myth of the “rising city”, the artists involved looked with renewed nostalgia towards the countryside, home of traditional values. If this experience is associated with the numerous views of his mature years, the famous series I tondini and Gli amici, painted between the ‘40s and ‘50s, present the cultured image of an artistic and literary Italy. To testify to the fertile cultural milieu in which Rosai worked, the engaging original soundtrack reproduces the voices of some of the people portrayed: poets, critics and artists with whom Rosai interwove complex relationships.